Burun ameliyatından memnun olmayan hastalar için revizyon burun ameliyatı

If you are functionally or physically dissatisfied with the results even though the healing process of your first surgery is complete, revision nose surgery, that is, correction surgery, may be an option for you.

Some patients panic when they see an edematous and swollen nose right after the surgery and immediately start looking for revision surgery. However, each nose needs healing processes that vary from person to person in order to take its perfect shape. Especially for patients with thick skin, it may sometimes take up to 1 year for the nose to take shape. Therefore, for a patient to decide on revision surgery, he or she must have completed at least a 6-month, or better yet, 1-year recovery period.

“Your Questions Specific to Your Nose?”


    As a result of excessive removal of the nasal cartilage structures during the first surgery, complete loss of nasal support, nasal tip drooping or nasal collapse, curvature and crookedness of the nose or incomplete correction, asymmetry in the tip and wings of the nose, excessively upturned nose or excessively carved nasal dorsum, revision These can be considered as the most common reasons for nose surgery.

    You may have had a nose surgery before and be unhappy about it! Remember that this situation can be corrected with a repeat surgery and rest easy…

    Are you a good candidate for revision surgery?

    • If enough time has passed since your first surgery,
    • If you feel ready for a new surgery process, psychologically, physically, materially and spiritually,
    • If you have enough time for recovery time,
    • If your social life and business life will not strain you,
    • If you have chosen a surgeon with whom you speak the same language and whom you can trust,
    • If your expectations are reasonable and affordable, and you do not have a health problem that would prevent surgery, you may be a suitable candidate for revision surgery.

    Decision making process:

    If your breathing comfort has not improved after your first operation, or if different breathing problems have occurred subsequently, if the image is not what you wanted, or if disorders such as collapse, curvature, irregularities, asymmetries have occurred, you can get an opinion from a specialist physician for revision surgery.

    Remember that your expectations and demands in your approach to revision surgery must be reasonable and affordable. If you do not get results from your first surgery, you should do thorough research for the second step and make the right decision calmly, without rushing. You should remember that your nose has healing limits and we surgeons are magicians. You should never forget that the goal of revision surgery is to do our best and, more importantly, to make the nose look the best that your nose can heal from.

    Operation time…

    Primary rhinoplasty can take between one and a half and three and a half hours to complete, depending on its complexity. Generally, with general anesthesia, it is preferred to keep the patient unconscious, that is, to put the patient completely asleep. For minor interventions, local injections may sometimes be preferred. Incisions may be made inside the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or a small incision may be made under the tip of the nose (open rhinoplasty). There are times when open rhinoplasty is preferred because it can offer better visibility and overall better results.

    You can have the nose you want after a well-planned and performed nose surgery performed by an experienced physician. Studies show that revision nose rates are below 5 percent.

    In revision nose surgery, you may also suffer from very small millimetric asymmetries or superficial roughnesses in your nose, in which case these problems can be corrected with very short local procedures. Or you may have collapses in your nose, asymmetries, breathing problems, and in the second surgery, cartilage may need to be removed from your ear or ribs.

    Revision nose surgery prices are determined after the intervention to the nose area of the examined patient. For detailed information about revision rhinoplasty prices, you can fill out the form and write in the comments section.

    Is cartilage necessary?

    If too much cartilage was removed from the nose in the first surgery, the nose may be left unsupported and sometimes even collapsed. In such cases, when the patient wants to have a revision surgery, we are faced with a lack of cartilage that will provide the necessary support for the new nose. This deficiency, that is, cartilage deficiency, must be supplied from the patient’s own body. I often prefer to explain this situation by making the following analogy:

    When we build a building, we order iron to use in the building frame to make it strong. This way the columns will be solid. Likewise, surgeons need cartilage as support material when building the inside of a nose. In cases where cartilage is missing in the nose, we obtain cartilage either from the ear or from the ribs.

    What is the difference between rib cartilage and ear cartilage?

    Although patients are more likely to take cartilage from the ear, the cartilages obtained from this area are softer, shorter and more curved than those taken from the ribs. Most of the time, ear cartilages are insufficient to provide support to the inside of the nose. In such cases, cartilages taken from the ribs will provide a much more solid and reliable support.

    Removing cartilage from the rib can be done without trauma to the patient, thanks to piezo surgery, which is one of the advanced surgical methods today.

    How is revision rhinoplasty divided into types?

    We can divide revision nose surgeries into two.

    1. Some of these surgeries are minor surgeries that last 15-20 minutes and eliminate problems with small touches.
    2. Apart from this, there are also revision nose surgeries in which major revisions are made, which can take 5-6 hours, and we reshape the nose with the help of extra cartilages taken from the ear or ribs.

    Recovery time:

    Even if patients are not happy after their first surgery, they should wait patiently. If the result after the 6-12 month recovery period still makes them unhappy, they should resort to revision nose surgery. When making this decision, they should not approach the issue with fear and should not forget that choosing a physician is of great importance.

    Physicians who are experts in their field, can establish a healthy communication with their patients, understand their patients, and are experienced in revision rhinoplasty can eliminate the problems and unhappiness that the patient has experienced before as a result of their accurate analyzes and meticulously planned surgeries.

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