Face lift surgery; It is the process of tightening the loosened face and neck skin with incisions made in front of the ear and at the starting line of the hair, giving the face a younger appearance.

In face lift surgeries, facial tissue is strengthened, sagging tissues are removed and excess skin is removed.


    As a natural course of time, the effects of aging and gravity begin to be seen in different ways in every area of the human body. As a person ages, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. This situation is seen on our face, which is the area where the perception of beauty attracts the most attention.

    Face lift surgery has become popular today because it is requested by people who feel an incredible youthful feeling despite their advanced age, who want to look younger, that is, who do not want to lose to the years.

    Who are suitable candidates for facelift surgery?

    Face lift surgeries are suitable for people of all ages who feel younger than their appearance in the mirror and whose health conditions are suitable for surgery under general anesthesia.

    Face lift surgery is a decision that should be taken calmly and at a comfortable time. Please do not choose the reasons for face lift surgery such as “low price” or “close location”; Please consider details that care about your health, such as real surgical experience, quality service, advanced surgical methods and a fully equipped hospital environment.

    Depending on the scope and technique of the procedure, edema and bruises may appear on your face after facelift surgery. The bandages applied around your face after surgery are usually left for a week, but can be kept longer depending on the patient’s recovery speed or current tendency to bleeding.

    When will I need facelift surgery?

    When the jaw line loses its definition and the neck skin becomes looser and sagging,
    When the full appearance of the cheekbones decreases and sags with aging,
    When depressions and deep lines appear on our face,
    When the nasolabial grooves, which form on the sides of the mouth corners like two parentheses when we smile, become deeper,
    You may feel the need to have face lift surgery.

    What should I do before face lift surgery?

    Smoking should be stopped 10 days before facelift surgery.
    Various medications, such as blood thinners, should not be taken before surgery.
    Before the surgery, the patient must inform the doctor about the medications he/she uses and his/her illnesses.

    How is the surgery done?

    Several different methods can be applied for face lift surgery. The selection of the surgery method is made by reviewing the patient’s health condition, age, gender, the degree of aging of the patient’s face, the condition of the skin and the features of the facial anatomical structure. The extent of the surgery is decided according to the patient’s aging and sagging degree.

    As with all plastic surgeries, a special surgery plan should be made for each patient in face lift surgeries. In face lift surgeries, incisions are made starting in front of your ear and extending behind your ear, and skin and subcutaneous tissues of varying thickness are tightened depending on the degree of aging.

    Surgery process

    Face lift surgery is performed in a hospital environment and under general anesthesia.

    There are many details of this surgery. Cheeks, eye area, eyebrows, nose, forehead, neck and chin are evaluated as a whole.

    Although it varies depending on the area to be performed, the surgical operation takes approximately 4-5 hours.

    What will the post-operative process be like?

    After the operation, patients use tubes called drains, which prevent blood collection, and these drains are removed on the 2nd day of the surgery. You will have a dressing wrapped around your face for the first 3 days.
    In the first 3-4 days after the surgery, intense swelling and edema occur on your face.
    After the third week of the surgery, your swelling will decrease so much that it is not noticeable.
    A bruising period lasting approximately 6-8 days follows, and your stitches are removed during the bruising period, during which you may experience mild pain.

    The healing process…

    The healing process may vary from patient to patient. Patients who eat well, exercise, and do not smoke always have a much faster and easier recovery process.
    In the 2nd week, gross edema will disappear and the stitches will heal. However, the patient will see the beautiful and positive effects of the operation much more clearly and positively at the end of the first month.
    It takes 3 weeks for the face shape to be completely achieved. Glasses can be used after 3 weeks. In the case of a different facial plastic surgery, there is no harm in using glasses after the healing process.

    Will there be any scars after the surgery?

    Since incisions are made in areas such as in front and behind the ear and on the scalp, a very slight scar may occur. This scar takes on the skin color after 7 days and its appearance will lighten considerably over time.
    During an endoscopic face lift, tiny incisions not exceeding 1-2 centimeters are not visible because they are inside the hair. In the classic face lift, incisions are placed in the natural lines in front of and behind the ears.

    What is the difference of the DEEP PLAN technique?

    While classical and old method face lift surgeries are performed by only stretching the upper skin, in the deep plane technique, tension is provided from the tissues called SMAS under the skin, and then the closure is performed without transferring any tension to the skin. Since the tension process is provided by the SMAS tissue, this technique provides much more effective and longer-lasting results in the long term.

    There is an important detail at this point. Sutures placed on the SMAS or surgeries performed by cutting and shortening the SMAS are not deep plane face lift surgeries and therefore do not have the same success.

    The deep plane technique requires advanced anatomy knowledge and surgical experience. It is a delicate procedure that is carried out minute by millimeter under the skin and SMAS tissue. When the patient completes the recovery period after the surgery, all sagging, deformity and signs of aging on his skin have been removed and his skin has a much younger form.

    What is a mini facelift?

    If you want to permanently erase the sagging and wrinkles on your skin that make you look older than you feel, you can do a non-surgical treatment with a new name added every day, such as mini facelift, non-surgical facelift, thread facelift, ice facelift, iron facelift, radiofrequency facelift, ultrasound facelift. apps do not provide this to you. We can say that “mini face lift” is the common name for such procedures whose effects are not permanent and clear.

    Some things either exist or they don’t. Change is one of them. If you want change, you have to change, right? Why are you looking for this job in ways whose effectiveness is not clear? You don’t have to settle for less or less.


    What are the Mini Face Lift Methods?

    After the methods that I will call mini facelift (non-surgical facelift, thread facelift, iron-on facelift, radiofrequency facelift, ultrasound facelift, etc.), you look in the mirror forty times every day to understand whether you have changed or become younger. You feel a constant need for approval. Those who perform these procedures constantly confirm that you have achieved positive results in this regard. You always feel good until you leave their clinic.

    What is the difference between a mini facelift and a facelift (lift)?

    No technique, method or procedure offered to you under the name of mini face lift can create a noticeable change on your face. Maybe you can see a millimetric difference. Maybe you just might feel that way. In order to see the difference that a mini facelift and a real facelift will make on you, you should not take advice from a surgeon who only performs a mini facelift and has no other suggestions in his package.

    I can explain it this way: You went into a grocery store to buy a certain brand of banana milk that you had chosen in your mind, and you couldn’t find it in the aisle. What can the grocery store tell you? Is there any other choice other than recommending the strawberry milk one you have?

    Face lift surgery prices

    Of course, price is important, but it should always be considered in the background. The priority should always be to achieve a result that will make you happy and feel good.

    A surgery is performed according to your face and an average determination of your wishes is made. With this analysis, we can give you a surgery price. To get detailed information about face lift surgery prices, you can fill out the form on our website or call us.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    At what age can I have facelift surgery?

    There is no age limit for facelift surgery as long as your general health is good. It is known that aging accelerates after the age of 45, so the age of 50 is the ideal age range for face lift surgery. However, I would like to make a comment at this point, I think you should not wait until you get older to have your facelift surgery.

    Because facelift surgery is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. The earlier you make such an investment in your old age, the longer you will enjoy it.

    What should I expect from this surgery?

    After facelift surgery, many patients feel much younger because they feel great energy to live, live longer and live more enjoyable, they establish much better relationships with new people they encounter in daily life, their spouses, friends, friends and relatives, and they feel better in both their business lives. They say that they express themselves much better in their social lives and that their self-confidence has increased significantly.

    Therefore, we can say that facelift surgery is a surgery that makes not only the face but also life younger.

    However, you should not expect facelift surgery or other plastic surgeries to be a magic wand that can change the meaning and direction of your life. Such expectations always end in disappointment. Facelift surgery will only give you a more youthful appearance.

    It is in your hands to prepare for the positive results of this surgery and add its positive contributions to your life. We all know that happiness comes from within a person and external elements are only auxiliary factors in feeling happy.

    Therefore, face lift surgery is a surgery that people who feel younger than they actually are request to look younger in front of the mirror.

    Is facelift surgery permanent?

    Facial surgery results are permanent. However, after a facelift performed for rejuvenation purposes, the natural aging process of the skin will continue, and the appearance achieved by surgery will change over the years depending on aging.

    Can I have facelift surgery for the second time?

    Facelift surgery can be performed again after 7-10 years after the first facelift surgery.

    What are the complications that may occur after the operation?

    Bleeding after facial aesthetic surgery, inflammation in the wound areas, opening in the wound areas, infection, decreased sensation in the skin, and nerve damage are the complications of the surgery.

    How many years younger will I look with face lift surgery?

    With facelift surgery, you can look approximately 15 years younger. It is possible to look 5 years younger even with a facial aesthetic procedure performed only to remove under-eye bags.

    Is the same procedure applied to everyone in face lift surgery?

    Aging may show different characteristics in each individual. A different facelift aesthetic plan is made for each patient. Therefore, different combinations of interventions are applied.

    What techniques are used in surgery?

    Face lift surgery can be performed with two different techniques: classical face lift surgery and endoscopic face lift surgery.

    Can face lift and neck lift surgeries be performed in the same session?

    Yes, face and neck lift surgeries can be performed together during the same surgery.

    What are the purposes of neck lift surgery?

    Due to the anatomical features of our face, aging can affect each region at different rates. For example, in some people, the neck area may age faster than the face area.

    Excess skin sagging under the chin, fatty tissues accumulating under the chin and thickening in the neck can cause the loss of the tight jawline, which is one of the symbols of youth and beauty.

    Neck lift surgery can be performed together with face lift surgery, or it can be performed alone on patients who only have problems in this area. It is possible to get very satisfactory results with neck lift surgeries performed in correctly selected patient groups and with correct planning.

    How is neck lift surgery performed?

    Neck lift surgeries are planned according to the characteristics of the patients’ neck. While some patients have only excess fat on their necks, some may have excess skin, and sometimes both. In patients with fat accumulation and excess, liposuction is performed.

    If the patient has excess skin, the skin and its lower layers also need to be stretched. After the analysis of the patients, the sagging tissues in the neck are positioned and identified through incisions made behind the ear, in line with patient-specific surgery plans.

    What is the recovery period for neck lift surgery?

    After neck lift surgery, you need to apply a soft and elastic bandage to your neck for about a week. During this period, you may experience swelling, slight bruises and pain under your neck. On the seventh day after surgery, your stitches behind your ears will be removed, and for another week, you will apply your neck wrap only at night while you sleep.

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