Piezo rhinoplasty is the name of the device used to shape the nasal bones during nose surgeries. During piezo surgery, bones are shaped using ultrasonic sound waves.

The interesting feature of this technology is that although it does not cut soft tissues, such as skin, muscles, or vessels, the device only begins to function when touched by bone tissue. Thanks to its tissue selection feature, it does not damage other tissue around the bones. Thus, there is less bleeding during the surgery, which results in less bruising and swelling after the surgery. The comfort of patients after surgery is increased.

Patients who want to have nose surgery due to functional health problems or aesthetic concerns frequently experience situations such as breaking their nasal bones during the surgery, postoperative bruises and possible pain, so they constantly postpone the surgery out of fear.

Piezo Rhinoplasty Advantages

Piezo surgery specifically reduced bleeding.
Post-operative bruises decrease.
Swelling also lasts much shorter compared to previous methods.

Is Piezo Rhinoplasty Effective in Overcoming the Fear of Rhinoplasty?

My advice to those who want to have nose surgery is this: Do not see the surgery period as a period when you take a break from your health. As physicians, we advise our patients to “almost never stay in bed and return to your daily routine immediately” while explaining the process they will encounter after surgery.

Within 1 week of a successful nose surgery, our patients return to their pre-operative daily routine. Your concerns about surgery are certainly not unfounded, but you should accept that nose surgeries are surgeries that provide good results and noticeably increase the comfort of life when performed with necessary precautions, careful planning and a reliable physician.

The piezo technique was developed by Italian surgeons in the 1980s. “Piezo rhinoplasty is a technology that works with the vibration power of ultrasonic sound waves to shape the nasal bones and targets only the bones. This technology targets only the bones during surgery. Since it does not damage other soft tissues, cartilages, skin and vessels, it does not cause bleeding.

Do Bruises Occur in Piezo Rhinoplasty?

Piezo rhinoplasty has some advantages due to its technology. One of these is to reduce post-operative edema, swelling and bruising.

Our patients’ biggest fears after surgery are mainly pain; Will I have pain after the surgery?

Will there be swelling or bruising after the surgery?

Piezo Nose Surgery provides great advantages to patients and us physicians both during and after surgery. After surgeries performed with this method, patients experience almost no bruising and swelling problems. Therefore, patients can return to their standard daily lives without wasting time.

Since piezo rhinoplasty is selective only for bone tissue, cutting and shaping during the procedure occurs only in bone tissue, and since there is no damage to soft tissue and vessels, bleeding is minimal. Since there is no soft tissue and vascular damage, there is almost no bruising and swelling after the surgery, and people return to their daily lives early.

What to Expect After Piezo Rhinoplasty?

One of the questions that patients are most curious about after piezo rhinoplasty surgery is whether the tampons placed inside the nose will cause any problems, especially in breathing. Silicone leaf-shaped tampons developed for this purpose are used. Since it has a corrugated system, it creates comfort in breathing.

After the surgery is completed, people wonder when they can return to social and business life. After nose surgery, patients may need to stay in the hospital for 1 day. When the patient goes home, the tampons are removed after 1 week. As a result of removing the tampons, it is possible to return to social and business life in a short time.

Should I Postpone My Vacation Plans for Piezo Nose Surgery?

If you want to have nose surgery and go on vacation in the summer, you do not have to choose between the two.

There is no harm in patients who have undergone aesthetic nose surgery to swim in a clean sea 15 days after their surgery. On the contrary, sea water will even be beneficial in healing the tissues in the nose and opening up blockages.

However, there are two important issues that patients should pay attention to;

Avoid jumping into the sea or deep diving. Do not use sun and sea glasses for about 1 month. Protect your nose from impacts as much as possible.
Be sure to wear a wide hat and use sunscreen when spending time in the shade after leaving the sea.

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