Assoc.Prof.Dr.Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu

    Otorhinolaryngology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

    Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu has focused all his education and scientific studies on one part of the human body, namely the Face. Only facial region operations. For this reason, the Ministry of Health, ‘dipl Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’ ’was awarded the diploma. Surgical experience is another issue and it is important in the art of surgery as in other handicrafts. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu received his surgical training from foreign and Turkish professors, who are regarded as the authors of his time in leading clinics of the world.

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    Nose Aesthetics

    burun estetiği ameliyatı nasıl yapılır

    The procedure performed in the nose aesthetic surgery is to reshape the nose by changing the structure of the cartilage and bones. To create an aesthetic nose shape, it is sometimes necessary to cut bones and cartilages, and on the contrary, to complete their missing parts and to change their shape.

    Successful nasal aesthetics; is to obtain a functionally healthy nose that is compatible with the facial features of the person. For this, the patient should share his / her expectation clearly and fully with his / her doctor. Nose aesthetic surgery can be done to anyone after completing the development of the nose.

    Face Lift

    yüz germe nasıl yapılırFace lift is the surgery that creates the biggest change among all aesthetic surgeries. Although for many years performed more frequently in recent years in Turkey was perceived as only an operation claimed by celebrities.

    Today’s modern life and work life has accelerated compared to 50 years ago, people have lived in a more social life than in the past, increased working time, stress factors, increased sun exposure, decreased organic nutrition as a result of all these people become older The average human life as well as prolonged.

    Sinusitis Surgery

    Sinüzit nasıl tedavi edilirSinusitis surgery is a very sensitive operation. Not all patients with sinusitis may have the same symptoms and sometimes present as nasal discharge. The intranasal causes of sinusitis can be diagnosed by endoscopic examination.

    The sinuses moisturize the air we breathe and help to remove germs. It provides relief of our head bones and also plays an important role in the characteristic formation of our voice. If the sinuses are not properly ventilated as a result of nasal obstruction, bacteria or viruses will accumulate in them, which can cause bacterial sinusitis.

    Eyelid Aesthetic

    göz kapağı ameliyatına nasıl hazırlanılmalıdırEyelid aesthetic; Eyelid plastic surgery is called ‘Blepharoplasty ünde in the medical literature. Eyelids are of special importance because they are the thinnest structure of the body, they protect very sensitive structures, they are constantly moving and they are easily affected by environmental factors.

    The signs of aging are first seen in the 30s with wrinkles around the eyes and the formation of eye bags.

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