The method applied to people with thin lips and those who are unhappy with this thinness as a result of age, to plump and thicken their lips, and the materials used in this process are called lip aesthetics. Ideal lip; The size, fullness, thinness or thickness of the lips should be compatible and proportionate with the other members of the face, namely the nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin and teeth. Therefore, applications that aim only to inflate the lips and do not consider their harmony with other structures of the face can lead to a very artificial appearance.

What is the aesthetic difference and importance of lips?

What is the aesthetic difference and importance of lips? The definition of ideal beauty has been interpreted and changed differently depending on social values throughout history, but judgments about lips have generally remained the same.

Full and vibrant lips have been accepted as a symbol of beauty in the past as well as today. In fact, full lips have been accepted as one of the symbols of not only beauty but also youth, attractiveness, fertility, sexiness and femininity.

Artificial looking lips…

Having aesthetic and full-looking lips is possible by making the red part of the lips visible. As a result of incorrect applications, lips that enlarge every part of the lips and therefore appear unnatural, swollen as if stung by a bee, and unattractive to anyone. No one wants lips that are enlarged like a duck’s beak when viewed from the side.

The aim of aesthetic lip applications should be to make your lips more prominent and fuller, in proportion to their anatomical features and capacity, without disturbing the natural appearance of your lips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Aesthetics

How many types of lip aesthetic applications are there?

Lip aesthetic applications are performed in several ways. The most commonly used method in the world is lip filler injections. Injecting filler into the lips is a method frequently preferred by patients and doctors because it is simple, fast, safe, cheap and does not require a recovery period.

The disadvantages of filler injections are that they may cause allergic reactions and their effectiveness lasts for 6-9 months. This procedure, which can be performed under office conditions, without requiring anesthesia or an operating room, and shows its effect immediately after the application, takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Plumping your lips by injecting tissues taken from your own body (fat, fascia, skin cells) is a method found to avoid the risk of allergic reactions, which are present even if they are small. The most important disadvantage of this method is that these applications require an operating room environment. However, the longer duration of effectiveness of fat injection and the fact that it has no allergic side effects are the points where the method is more advantageous than fillers.

Another lip aesthetic procedure is the process of reshaping and plumping your lips through surgery. Lips can be made more prominent by making incisions on the inside of the lip by shifting the lip tissue (it leaves no scars since no incisions are made from the outside).

Aesthetic lip surgeries are superior to other methods in terms of their effectiveness being permanent and obtaining natural results, but they have disadvantages such as being performed in an operating room environment, requiring a few days of recovery period, and causing a slight loss of sensation in the lip.

Do aesthetic lip procedures require anesthesia?

Aesthetic lip surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia. The factor affecting this choice is the type of surgical intervention planned. Filling injections performed in office conditions do not require any anesthesia, while tissue transfer or tissue shifting methods can be performed in the operating room under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference.

Things you should pay attention to before Aesthetic Lip procedures.

By analyzing the characteristics of your lips with your doctor and determining which parts of your lips need to grow, it is possible to have full and natural lips. Remember that the lips are as personal as the nose. While you spend hours planning for your nose, I recommend that you do not apply in a clinic that underestimates your lips with the approach of “we will simply take care of your lips.

Before the application, you should talk to your doctor in detail about what your lips will look like, your expectations, your doctor’s plans and sample patient photographs.

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