Chin Tip Aesthetics is applied to provide a proportionate appearance on the face and to correct congenital problems in the chin structure.”

Chin aesthetics is applied to provide a younger appearance, a proportionate appearance on the face and to correct congenital problems in the jaw structure.

The chin, like the nose, is one of the important structures located in the midline of the face, creating symmetry and harmony of the face. Since it is on the midline, it has an important place in making the structures of the face appear harmonious with each other. A small chin can make your face look larger or longer than it is, and the opposite is also possible.

A crooked chin can cause the entire face to look crooked. An ideal size-ratio for the chin in men and women has been described. The presence of a slightly more prominent chin in men contributes to the masculine appearance, and is therefore demanded.


“Do you have any questions specific to your chin?”

    How can I recognize the problem in my jaw?

    If your upper teeth or gums are too visible when you smile, if your upper jaw is too long, if your upper and lower teeth do not close in the same line when you close your mouth, if there is a distance between them, there may be jaw defects. If the frontmost point of your lower jaw is too far back or forward from your lips when viewed from the side, you may have a problem with your lower jaw.

    This is an issue that is often not easily noticed by patients or their relatives and requires professional experience. Many of my patients with whom I performed aesthetic jaw surgery were not aware that they had such a problem until our pre-operative meeting. The photographs we take during our pre-operative meeting and the analyzes we make on them are very helpful to us.

    Who can undergo jaw surgery?

    In the past, jaw surgeries were performed only on patients who had significant problems in their upper or lower jaw, thus experiencing biting and chewing problems.

    Nowadays, due to a better understanding of facial harmony (the importance of the harmony of the parts of the face with each other in facial beauty) and the role of the jaw here, aesthetic jaw surgeries can be performed on patients who do not have biting and chewing problems.

    How is chin aesthetics performed?

    Jaw surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Chin aesthetics duration varies between 1.5 hours and 3 hours depending on whether the operation is single or double chin.

    The chin implant, which has a size suitable for the patient’s needs, is entered through a small incision made under the chin or inside the mouth and placed on the part prepared in the appropriate place and plan on the jawbone.

    What are the negative effects of having a small chin on my face?

    Patients with a smaller chin compared to their face have a nose that is perceived as larger than it actually is. No matter how much the noses of these patients are reduced by surgery, they may still be perceived as large.

    In some cases, because the person’s chin is smaller than it should be, aging and sagging in the neck area may develop faster than their peers.

    Many oral and general health problems may occur in patients who have biting problems due to their crooked jaw structure, such as sleeping with their mouth open at night, dry mouth, bad breath, and gum diseases.

    Aesthetic jaw surgery aims to eliminate all of the problems outlined above, whether it is performed for functional concerns such as incorrect bite or for purely aesthetic reasons.

    How Many Types of Aesthetic Jaw Surgeries Are There?

    Aesthetic jaw surgeries are divided into two types depending on whether the patient has biting and chewing problems.

    1. Orthodontic treatment (braces treatment)
    2. Orthognathic surgery (shifting the jaw bones)

    In patients who are referred to orthodontic treatment (braces treatment) by dentists, but have serious biting and chewing problems, no response can be obtained with orthodontic (braces treatment) treatment alone. These patients need to be treated with orthognathic surgery (shifting the jaw bones). These surgeries are more comprehensive than jaw surgeries performed solely for aesthetic reasons, have a longer recovery period, require working as a team with dentists and orthodontists, but their results are very satisfactory.

    Patients who do not have problems biting or chewing can be operated on for aesthetic purposes because their jaws negatively affect facial harmony. These surgeries are relatively simple and their recovery periods are shorter. The surgery takes approximately 15-20 minutes and there are no problems with eating in the postoperative period.

    Will There Be Any Scars After Chin Aesthetics?

    During the surgery, an incision can be made inside the mouth or under the chin. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage of the incision made through the mouth is that there is no scar left after the surgery, but the disadvantage is that it can sometimes cause some numbness in the lower lips. The advantage of the incision made at the crease under the chin is that it does not cause loss of sensation in the lips, but some scars may remain at the incision site depending on personal characteristics.

    If my patient’s oral hygiene is good, I prefer intraoral incisions.

    What is the Recovery Period After Chin Surgery?

    After the jaw surgery procedure, swelling, mild tension and pain may occur around the jaw for about a week. There may be slight numbness in the lower lips temporarily. There is no difficulty in biting or eating during and after this first week, but good oral hygiene after meals is very important. The incisions made inside the mouth heal after the first week, and the swelling around the chin disappears almost completely within the first week.

    Jaw surgery prices vary depending on the intervention to be performed. It is healthier for the patient to be examined in terms of getting a chin aesthetic price.

    Chin Removal Surgery

    The surgery performed to eliminate deformities of the bone in the jaw area is called jaw rasping. This surgery is known as the most used technique among all chin aesthetic surgeries. Deformities that disrupt people’s general facial aesthetics appear in various forms. Generally speaking, the most effective method to eliminate excess weight towards the front and sides is chin rasping operations.

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