We should not confuse every problem we encounter in the eyelids with the actual sagging of the eyelids, that is, ptosis.

When it comes to eye aesthetics, it would be incomplete and incorrect to evaluate only the eyelids. The eye area includes both the eyelids and eyebrows. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the current level of the eyebrows in all eyelid surgeries.

In fact, if we take the evaluation a little further, determining the possible levels of your eyebrows after surgery can be explained as one of the hidden reasons for long-term successful results.

What is Ptosis?

The condition caused by the laxity of the muscle groups and their tendons that enable the upper eyelid to open and close is called Ptosis.

In this article, I will share with you unknown medical information.

You may notice that your eyelids begin to wrinkle as a result of aging, excess skin occurs, and if you are a woman, you begin to have trouble applying make-up. Also, if your eyebrows droop downward, skin accumulation on your eyelid occurs even faster. This appearance is not only caused by excess skin, but the fatty tissues around our eyes also become more visible with the effect of aging and form bags under and above the eyes.

In classical eyelid plastic surgery, excess and wrinkled skin and fats that press on the skin from the inside and cause the appearance of bags are removed and a more vigorous eye is obtained.

However, ptosis treatment takes place in very different steps than the operation we mentioned above.

Why Does Ptosis Occur?

The cause of ptosis problem is not only aging. It may be present when you are young or even from birth. It may also be a part of diseases with familial and genetic transmission. You may have come across newborns who could not move their eyelids even when they were babies, and therefore their eyelids sometimes sagged unilaterally and sometimes bilaterally.
Hayko Cepkin, one of the most famous rock stars in Turkey, can be an example in this case. The problem in Hayko Cepkin’s single eyelid is ptosis.

Is ptosis just an aesthetic concern?

No, in the presence of ptosis that seriously affects the visual field, the quality (acuity) of vision may gradually decrease and may even result in blindness.

What is the difference between ptosis surgery and other eyelid surgeries?

Ptosis cannot be corrected by classical eyelid aesthetic surgery. Because the muscle groups that enable the movement of the eyelid are located deep in the skin and fatty tissues. In classical eye aesthetic surgeries, the layer containing the muscle groups is not opened. Ptosis surgery is performed by surgeons with significant experience in eye aesthetic surgery.

How is ptosis surgery performed?

In ptosis surgery, the appropriate opening level of the eyelids is determined and the length of the muscle groups is shortened accordingly to this level.
This surgery is sometimes performed through incisions made on the skin, and sometimes through incisions made under the eyelid, that is, from the inside.
These surgeries, which take approximately 20-30 minutes when performed by an experienced surgeon, can preferably be performed under local anesthesia or, upon the request of the patient, under general anesthesia.
It is a surgery that does not require hospital stay.

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