Eyebrow lift surgery can be planned alone or in conjunction with eyelid plastic surgery. When combined with eyelid aesthetic surgeries, it provides longer-term youthfulness to the eye area, eyebrows and forehead.

During the aging process, the elasticity of all tissues in our face decreases and sagging occurs. If our forehead and eyebrows hang down, it causes our eyelids to sag even more. The lines on our forehead can make us look angry, sleepy, tired or unhappy. Forehead lift or eyebrow lift surgeries aim to provide a more vigorous and energetic appearance to the eyes and forehead area.


    Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift

    Many different methods can be applied in eyebrow lift surgeries, but the most frequently applied and popular method today is the procedure performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without making any incisions on the forehead and leaving no scars. In endoscopic brow lift surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery by making small holes in the inner parts of the scalp from several different points, causing almost no bleeding and leaving no scar on the forehead. Thanks to this method, scar formation that occurs in old methods is prevented and the healing period is much shorter with less swelling.

    Apart from this, eyebrow lift surgeries can also be performed with hidden incisions made above the eyebrow, in the wrinkles on the forehead and at the hairline. These procedures are generally performed on patients who are older and have severe eyebrow sagging. There are almost no scars left in the incision areas.

    Healing Process After Eyebrow Lift

    After brow lift/forehead lift surgery, a tape-dressing is applied around your eyebrows and on your forehead. During this period, you can help the edema go down faster by applying a cold compress to your forehead. You may experience a slight swelling on your forehead after the surgery, but bruising is not a common occurrence. You can wash your hair on the 3rd day of your surgery.

    The stitches in your hair will be removed on the 7th day after the surgery. Patients usually feel completely healed by the end of the first week after the surgery, as the swelling on their forehead disappears. After the surgery, you may experience temporary difficulty in moving your eyebrows and forehead and numbness in your forehead, which is expected during the normal healing process of the surgery.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Lift Surgery

    What should the ideal eyebrow be like? Should eyebrows be different in men and women?
    With changing fashion trends, the ideal eyebrow position, shape, thickness, pointiness, upward or downward orientation have constantly changed over the years. Today, the ideal eyebrow does not look like a line but shows a slight curve like an arc. Its highest point should be at the outer level of the pupil, the beginning of the eyebrow should be approximately 1.5 cm above the inner level of the eye, and the end point should be 2-2.5 cm above the outer level of the eye. In addition, the starting and ending points of the ideal eyebrow curve are expected to be in line with a horizontal line, and its length is expected to be the same as the width of the eye.

    Eyebrows have another expected task; in addition to showing their own beauty, it is important that they also reveal the beauty of the eyes.

    If I get an eyebrow design, won’t I need eyebrow lift surgery?

    In recent years, very good results can be achieved with eyebrow design, and there are centers that achieve very good results in this regard.

    However, it is necessary to know very well the sharp boundaries and limits between the two applications. With eyebrow design, you can shape your eyebrows and complete the missing points. However, if your eyebrows are lower than they should be and sag, you cannot change this with eyebrow design. In such a case, the only option for you is eyebrow lift surgery.

    Is there a need for eyebrow lift surgery after Botox?

    Botox is one of the most frequently used applications in recent years to lift our eyebrows. Botx is frequently preferred in this regard because it is a truly effective, simple and repeatable procedure. Because it is easily applied in the office environment, its risks are very low, and it is the only opportunity to raise eyebrows for people who are afraid and avoid surgery.

    So far, everything is true, but Botx also has its limits. First of all, you need to know very well that the statement that it is possible to lift eyebrows in every patient who has Botox for Eyebrow Lift is unfortunately not true. You’ve never heard of it before, have you? The reason is this: If one of the factors that causes your eyebrows to sag is the muscle structures surrounding your eyes, you will benefit from Botox. Otherwise, if you have a different anatomical structure, you will not be able to lift your eyebrows even 1 mm even if you have not one but a hundred bottles of Botox.

    You can also lift only the outer parts of the eyebrows with Botox. Even if there is a very serious amount of eyebrow sagging, botox will still be insufficient, because the lift provided by botox generally does not exceed 3-4 mm. Another disadvantage of botox is that its effects are not permanent.

    Is there any risk in having a surgical eyebrow lift?

    Raising the eyebrows more or less than necessary may cause undesirable aesthetic results. If the starting points of the eyebrows (that is, the parts close to the middle of our face) are raised too much, an astonished and surprised expression is reflected on the face. If the end points of the eyebrows (that is, the parts close to our ears) are raised too much, an angry expression will be reflected on the face, and the relationship and interaction between the eyebrows and the eyes will be reduced, the eyes will be exposed too much, resulting in an unnatural and undesirable appearance. Therefore, as in all plastic surgeries, experience is very important. Be sure to ask your doctor about his experience in these surgeries and ask him to show you the cases he has performed before.

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