Thinning the lips as a result of the progress of aging,  people who are unhappy with this thin look, they would like to have  plump lips, the method used to thicken for this procedure  is called lip aesthetics. Ideal lips; the size, fullness, thinness or thickness of the lips should be compatible and proportionate with the other features of the face, nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, jaws and teeth. So, the aim of procedure should catch the harmony of lips with other facial feautres. Only to make the lips plumped do not comply with the other features of the face and it can lead to a very artificial appearance of lips.

Dudak Estetiği Doktoru

What is the Aesthetic Difference and Importance of Lips?

The definition of ideal beauty has been interpreted and changed differently depending on social values throughout history, but the lips’ judgments often remain the same. Plump and alive lips have been regarded as a symbol of beauty in the past as they are today. In fact, full lips have been accepted as one of the symbols not only of beauty but also of youth, attractiveness, fertility, sexiness and femininity.

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Fearful Dream: Fake Looking Lips

It is possible to have aesthetic and full-looking lips by making the red part of the lips visible. As a result of the wrong applications, the lips, which are enlarged all over the lips, are unnatural, swollen as bee-sting and unattractive to anyone. When viewed from the side, no one wants lips that are enlarged like duck lips.

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