Brow lift surgery can also be performed with surgeries such as well eyelid surgery or only as planned. Combined with eyelid aesthetic surgery, the eye area, eyebrows and forehead provides longer-term youth. In the aging process, the elasticity of all tissues on our face decreases and sagging occurs. The sagging of our forehead and eyebrows causes our eyelids to more. The lines on our forehead might make us look nervous, sleepy, tired or unhappy. Forehead stretching or eyebrow lifting operations are aimed at a more vigorous and energetic look for the eyes and forehead.

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Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifting

Many different methods can be applied in eyebrow lifting surgeries, but today the most popular method is the endoscopic method, with the help of small and thin cameras, without any incision and leaving a scar. In endoscopic eyebrow lifting surgeries, it is possible to perform small perforations in the inner parts of the scalp with almost no bleeding and leaving no scar on the forehead.

This method prevents scar formation and ensures less swelling and a shorter recovery period. In addition, eyebrow lifting operations can be performed with hidden incisions that can be made over the eyebrow, wrinkles on the forehead and hair line. These procedures are usually performed in older patients with severe eyebrow sagging. Almost no scarring remains at the incision sites.

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Recovery Process After Eyebrow Lifting

After eyebrow lifting/forehead stretching surgery, band-dressing is applied around your eyebrows and forehead. During this period, you can help to reduce edema faster by applying cold compress to your forehead. A slight swelling of your forehead may occur in the postoperative period, but bruising is not a common occurrence.

You can wash your hair on the 3rd day of your surgery. The stitches in your hair will be removed on the 7th day after the operation. Patients usually feel completely healed by the disappearance of swelling of their foreheads at the end of the first week after surgery. You may experience difficulty in moving your eyebrows and forehead temporarily after surgery, and you may experience numbness in your forehead, which is expected during the normal healing process of the surgery.

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