The area around the eyes is the most sensitive skin on our face. Therefore, symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and aging first manifest themselves in this area. Occasionally, due to genetic factors, our detention area may appear darker, dimmer and tired. In these cases, as an alternative to permanent surgical treatment, the fast and effective light filler application can give you very successful results in the short time.

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What is Under Eye Light Fill?

Since our skin under custody has a very transparent and thin layer, the blood vessels under this skin become visible from the surface. So “bruising” is not actually what is known as changing the color of our skin, the following is the status of blood vessels become visible. During the application of under-eye light filling, this dark mask masks the filler between the blood vessels and the skin. In this way, the dark image of the detainee is reduced by light filling.

Another condition that is effective in lightening the dark color is the illusion of light and shadow. This area appears darker and darker than normal, as trough detentions are overshadowed. One of the aims of the filling application is to provide a smoother transition by filling the pit surface. Thus, the hollow parts do not remain in the shade and the light is better reflected by light.

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How is under eye light filling appied?

The Light filling procedure is performed in a very practical and painless manner in the practice environment. Before the process, a cleaning is applied to the application area to ensure that the area is free of makeup and anesthetic cream is applied immediately after a while. Depending on the preference of the physician and the patient, local anesthesia may be applied to the area, but the procedure is mild enough to cause no great pain.

The procedure can also be performed with a needle or blunt cannula, depending on the physician’s technique. These are materials that are almost as thin as a hair. Application is performed by entering the specified points and spreading the filling material to the area. If necessary, the physician may place the filling material with a gentle massage movement after the application. Each tube can be filled with 1 tube (1 cc) or more, depending on need.

Effect and permanentıty of under eye light filling

Light filler shows immediate effect after application. Slight redness caused by application disappears within 1-2 days. Filling application takes place after 1 week and control is done after 7-10 days. If necessary in the control appointment can be intervened with small touch-ups.

Although the durability of the filling is stated to be 1 year on average, it is the melting time of the last particle in the content of the filler. Therefore, some of the fillings may have melted away after about 10 months. If a renewal is desired, refreshing may be performed at this time.

Is the under eye light filling safe?

When reliable products and application of a successful physician are combined in Light Filling application, extremely successful results you can get. You can have a more vivid and youthful looking eye contour with light filling in just 15 minutes.

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