Piezo technology can be considered as a gift to rhinnoplasty surgery. During piezo surgery, bones are shaped using ultrasonic sound waves  without harming soft tissue, totaly protecting the anatomy of nose.

The interesting feature of this state-of-the-art technology is that, although it does not cut soft tissues, such as skin, muscles, veins, the device starts to function only when it is touched by bone tissue. It does not harm the other tissue around the bones thanks to its tissue selection feature. This results in less bleeding during the operation, resulting in less bruising and swelling after surgery. The comfort of our patients after surgery is increased.

Functional health problems or aesthetic concerns that patients, who want to have a nose surgery, are afraid of breaking the bones during the operation, post-operative bruises and possible pain. One of the most recent technological products in the Nose Surgery is ‘Piezo Nose Surgery’ and the patients’ fears are now coming to an end.

Advantages of Nose Surgery with Piezo Technology

Piezo technology has especially reduced bleeding.

  • The bruises decrease after surgery.
  • Swellings are also much shorter compared to previous methods.
  • Piezo technology has several advantages as a result of the technology. One of them is to reduce swelling and bruising after edema.

Advantages of Piezo Technology

Nasal Surgery with Pieze provides great advantages to patients and us surgeons after surgery as well as during surgery. After the performed operations with this method, the patients do not experience bruising and swelling problems. For this reason, patients can return to their standard daily life without losing time.

Since Piezo techonolgy is selective only to affect the bone tissue, cutting and shaping during the procedure bleeding is minimal as there is no damage to the soft tissue and vessels. Since there is no soft tissue and vascular damage, the post-operative bruising and swelling is almost negligible and people return to their daily life early.

One of the most frequently asked questions of patients after Piezo Rhinoplasty Surgery is whether or not the tampons placed in the inner part of the nose will not cause difficulty especially in breathing. As the tampons has hole inside, it creates comfort in breathing. After the surgery, people are very curious when they can return to social life and work life. Patients may need to stay in hospital for 1 day after the nose surgery. After one week silicon tamponsa re removed. As a result of the removal, it is possible to return to social and business life in a short time.

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