Mesotherapy can be thought of as a doping on our skin. Mesotherapy is the process of introducing small amounts of medicines into the skin to ensure renewal of our skin. This is exactly why it is much more effective than products applied to the skin surface. Thus, it provides contact that can benefit from effective substances for skin healing as soon as possible. Mesotherapy is a natural and beneficial method that renews the skin and is effective for skin wrinkles and sagging.

Mezoterapi Doktoru Kimdir?

How is mesotherapy applied?

In face mesotherapy, skin is cleaned and disinfected before application. Then apply anesthetic cream (numbness to the skin). The mixture prepared for facial mesotherapy is injected into the skin or on top with very small and fine needles.

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How does the skin look after  mesotherapy?

After facial mesotherapy, the skin appears more fresh and rested. The elasticity of the skin increases and sagging of the skin decreases, wrinkles lighten, the skin becomes bright.

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