Although lip lift has been popular recently, it is actually one of the basic techniques that surgeons learn. It is based on reconstructive surgery. It is made with the principles of the surgical technique we call “Flap’’.

Why Lips Are Important?

The most beautiful and simple expression of youth and vitality can often be seen from the lips. In Greek mythology, Eros is known as the God of Love. It is believed that he mobilizes emotions by shooting arrows at people he wants to fall in love with. When you turn the bow in the arrow used by Cupid Eros, you will see the lines of the ideal lip. The role attributed to the lips associated with love, charm and beauty is so important.

What is the Difference between Lip Lift and Lip Filling?


Lip filler is one of the most preferred medical aesthetic procedures because of its practical application and its results when it is performed in the right hands. However, none of the filler removes the lip upwards. This is true for every field of application. Fillers only enlarge the area in which they are put.  No matter how much filler applied for a patient, filler can’t show the pink part of the lips. In fact, when we go over a certain amount of lips, such as duckbill or bee sting, the reason we encounter is the wrong diagnosis.

The size of the pink part of the lips is directly addressed to the attractiveness of the person. It is impossible for the patients who have large proportion of white part of lip and to enlarge the pink part permanently with filler procedure. So an artificial and aesthetically distant image occurs. According to need of each patient the right procedure should be performed.

Who is the Lip Lift procedure suitable for?

We face surgeons often perform similar procedures. Therefore, a surgeon who is familiar with the philosophy of reconstructive surgery (reconstruction surgery) can make all the lip contours.

As a facial surgeon, I have a self-described technique, which has been published and accepted in prestigious scientific journals on lip cancers that causes huge lip losses. With this technique that I have developed, we have achieved successful results in numerous cases of lip loss. Lip Lift is a simple procedure to performe, in addition to the cases of cancerous lip loss that we have successfully treated.

Patient age is an important factor in Lip Lift operation, Lip lift is performed more frequently in middle and older ages. Due to aging, our lips get thinner, lose volume, and hang down. Just as we do face lift surgery more often in the elderly, lip lifting is often performed in the middle and older ages with the same logic. Filler may be a good solution for most patients if there is a lack of volume at a younger age. In addition, regardless of age, the upper lip can sometimes be longer than normal. However, not all patients with long lips may be suitable candidates for this technique. Skin elasticity is very important here.

It should not be forgotten that all incisions are made externally tightly so the skin tension may leave marks. Lip lift can be performed under local anesthesia. Both male and female patients may be candidates for this procedure. Processing time is approximately 30 minutes. In fact, the processing time is short, but it takes years of experience to learn the right planning and technique.

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