Thread lift is an aesthetic procedure that is an alternative to face lift surgery that has been used in recent years for patients who want to rejuvenate on their face without surgery. Normally used during surgery, the surgical feature of the yarn, without taking the patient to the operating room, without making any incision is to provide face lift. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, in fact we surgeons use yarns to create facelifts during surgery. However, we have a similar effect in this procedure without surgery.

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Rope Face Lifting Process

Face lifting with rope is done with surgical ropes specially designed for this process. These ropes are designed in different types. This is because each type of rope provides a different degree of tension and suspension. In addition, the application of the ropes is to achieve success for different points within the same region.

If the rope is suspended with cog ropes in the face-lift applications, the result is immediately apparent. Both the other rope and cog rope stretching process is started to be taken in 1 month result, the effect is seen in 3 months.

It is a medical application that aims to stretch the sagging tissues on your face without surgery. It is an application based on the principle of placing under the skin with the help of a thin guide needle, which is specially produced for the human tissue and resistant to tension.

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How is face lift with rope performed?

For  face lift with rope the appropriate patient selection should be made for this application. A special rejuvenation prescription is created for each patient, taking into account the facial features and aging of the patient. If a face lift is to be performed with rope, it is determined according to the degree of aging of the patient, how much rope is hanged from which points of the face.

The skin surface is cleaned and disinfected before the procedure. Then, through special cannulas placed under the skin, ropes are placed to provide tension. When the cannulae are placed under the skin, the individual cannulas are pushed under the skin and the cannulae are slowly pulled under the skin.

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