Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu was born in 1979 at Sakarya, Turkey.

He studied medicine at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine between 1997 and 2003.

He started his education to specialize in otolaryngology at Kartal Education and Research Hospital but he experienced an education, which is considered as a routine for most of the specialist candidates, more different than he expected.

He completed most of his education to become a specialist at the Vakıf Gureba Education and Research Hospital and in United States of America.
Through this process, he visited the most valuable professors and clinics of facial plastic surgery in USA, he attended their surgeries and even became friends with them.

When he returned from USA, there was only one thing on his mind, to focus and specialize on facial plastic surgery.

He became a Otolaryngology Specialist in October, 2009.

In November, 2009 at Vienna, he took the first writing stage of the European Otolaryngology Board exam which was arranged by the Examination Comission of European Otolaryngology Specialization. He was the third european otolaryngology specialist who got the highest grade.

Between 2009 and 2010, he got an honour scholarship and got invited to Europe by European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy to get the Upper Specialization Education of Facial Plastic Surgery (Official Fellowship). He became the FIRST TURKISH SPECIALIST who practised this education. www.eafps.org
After his upper specialization education on ‘’Facial Plastic Surgery’’, he became successful in the Board exam, that he achieved to take through a competition with his American colleagues, that took place in June, 2010 at Washington D.C.,USA.

Therefore, he was honoured with the Facial Plastic Surgery Diploma, given by the International Facial Plastic Surgery Academy. He became the third Turkish Specialist who was honoured with this diploma.

Between 2010 and 2012, he worked in Ünye Public Hospital to compeletehis compulsory service duty . He started his work as an Assistant Professor in Otolaryngology Department at Sakarya University in October, 2012. He got the title ‘’Associate Professor’’ in October,2015.

He accomplished the verbal stage of the Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Exam that arrenged by European Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, successfully. He earned the Board Diploma of European Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. In December, 2015, he left his academical duty and started his work to practise the ‘’Art of Medicine’’ that he believes, in his private clinic.

  • He is the first name of more than 30 international and more than 20 national publication.
  • Also, he described and bring in 6 different surgical techniques to Medical Literature
  • He was rewarded with a third place award at the Turkish Rhinology Congress, with his scientifical work ‘’Reconstructive Surgery of a patient who has Partial Nasal and Lip Amputation after Human Bite’’, in April, 2015.
  • He was rewarded with a third place award on ‘’Best Scientifical Research’’, in Rhinology branch at the Turkish National Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Congress with his scientifical work ‘’Research of the relation between the sense of smell and osmophobia on migraine patients‘’ in November,2014.
  • He was rewarded with a second place award on ‘’Best Scientifical Research in Rhinology-Allergy/ Facial Plastic Surgery’’ at the Turkish National Otolaryngology Congress, with his scientifical research‘’ Comparison of the Crushed, grafted creatures and morsels of minced cartilages with confocal microscope’’ in November,2013.
  1. He took place in more than 60 international and national congresses as a guest speaker and represented our country.
  2. He presented more than 80 announcements at national and international congresses.
  3. His scientifical researches referenced 167 times by foreign respectable magazines.
  4. He is an instructor at the Facial Plastic Surgery School which is arranged by Turkish Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Society for three years.
  5. He is the organizer of the highly participated congress ‘’The Plastic Meeting of the Nose’’, that tooks place in Sapanca, for the last three years.

1. In June, 2014, Department of Facial Plastic Surgery with Prof. Dr. Jonathan Skyes at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, USA. He visited through 6 weeks. He took classes on Facial Plastic Surgery and especially Facial Lifting Surgeries.
2. He visited Prof. Dr. Peter J. Catalano as an observing specialist through 2 weeks in May, 2014 at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine Clinic,Boston,USA.He took classes on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
3. He visited Prof Dr. James Suen as an observing specialist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science, Arkansas, USA through 2 weeks in May, 2011. He took classes on birth marks.
4. In April, 2011 , He visited Prof . Dr. Rollin Daniel in Los Angeles, USA. He took classes on plastic nasal surgeries.
5. He visited Prof Dr Mehmet Manisalı as the Fellow of European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy, between February-April 2010, in London,England at St. Georges University Hospital Maxillofacial Surgery Department. He took classes on Maxillofacial surgery and orthognatic surgeries.
6. He visited Prof Dr Lisa Buckmiller as the Fellow of European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy through 4 weeks in January, 2010 at University of Medical Science in Arkansas,USA. He took classes on half lip-palate surgeries and birth mark treatments.
7. He visited Prof. Dr. Hade Vuyk and Prof. Dr. Koen Ingels as the Fellow of European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy through 6 weeks between December 2009 and February 2010 at the Tergoiizuikenhuizen Hospital,Department of Facial Plastic Surgery in Blaricum,Holland. He took classes on surgical treatments of skin cancer.
8. He visited Prof. Dr. Pietro Palma, as the Fellow of European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy through 2 weeks in November, 2009 at University of Varese, Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Department in Varese,Italy. He took classes on plastic nasal surgeries.
9. He visited Prof. Dr. Paolo Castelnuovo through 2 weeks in November, 2009 at the Brain Surgery Clinic,University of Varese in Varese, Italy. He took classes on endoscopic head suture surgeries.
10. He visited Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın, as the Fellow of European Facial Plastic Surgery Academy through 4 weeks in October, 2009 at Ege University. He took classes on facial plastic surgery.
11. He visited Prof. Dr. Mack Cheney through 4 weeks in July, 2008 at the MEEI Department of Facial Plastic Surgery, Medical School of Harvard University. He took classes on facial paralysis surgeries and tumors on head/neck areas.
12. He visited Prof. Dr. James Zinns through 2 weeks in June, 2008 at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, USA. He took classes on facial lifting and eyelid surgeries.
13. He visited Prof. Dr. Bahman Guyuron through 2 weeks in June, 2008 at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Zeeba Clinic in Cleveland,USA. He took classes on plastic nasal surgeries.
14. He visited Prof. Dr. Jack Gunter through 2 weeks in May, 2008 at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Texas Surgery Center in Dallas, USA. He took classes on plastic nasal surgeries.
15. He visited Prof. Dr. Calvin Johnson through 2 weeks in May, 2008 at Hedgewood Surgery Center in New Orleans, USA. He took classes on facial plastic surgery and especially on facial lifting surgeries.
16. He visited Prof. Dr. Edwin F. Williams through 2 weeks in April, 2008 at Williams Surgery Center in Albany,USA.He took classes on facial plastic surgery and especially on facial lifting surgeries.
17. He visited Prof. Dr. Wayne Larrabee through 2 weeks in April, 2008 at Larrabee Surgery Center in Seattle,USA. He took classes on facial plastic surgery and especially on facial lifting surgeries.
18. He visited Prof Dr. Jonathan Sykes through 3 months in January, 2008 at the Department of Facial Plastic Surgery, University of California Davis Medical Center. He took classes on facial plastic surgery.
19. He visited Prof. Dr. Emre Vural through 6 months between June, 2007 and January,2008 at University of Arkansas for Medical Science in Arkansas, USA. He took classes on surgeries for facial paralysis treatment and tumors on head/neck areas.

Deciding to have a surgery is an inside-journey, you have enough reasons to take this journey with Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu thinks medicine as art. He forms all his work with an artistic touch by communicating with his patients, his interest in any question and problem before and after the surgery and by his vision of a natural effect at the end of the operation.

Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu has mastered and focused on only one part of the human body through his education and scientifical researches, the face. He only practices face related plastic surgeries. As a conclusion of that he is honourned by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Turkey through the ‘’Specialty in Facial Surgery’’ certificate.

His experience with facial surgery and medicine is a whole other subject and it is very important in the art of facial surgery as it is in every handicraft. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu has completed his study in medicine by taking classes of experts who are Turkish and foreign, known as the best experts of their profession, at the foremost clinics of the world.

Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu is the first chosen and selected Official Fellow of the European Facial Plastic Surgery Association (the expert who practiced Advanced Specialization).

As we know, there are constantly improvements in medical field and Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu contributes to those improvements. There are six different medical and surgical techniques, published in the World’s most respected medical magazines, that found/applied/described by Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu. He has achieved to win many degrees and awards as a conclusion of his successful scientifical researches.

After he finished his education on Specialty of Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck , his scientifical researches appreciated. He continued his scientifical researches in college and he became qualified as the ‘’Associate Professor’’ in October,2015.

Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu,who closely follows the newest surgical improvements in Nasal and Facial Surgery, gets invited to international conferences and congresses , that takes places in different countries , every year.

He is an instructor in Facial Plastic Surgery School. Facial Plastic Surgery School gives classes to 10 to 15 medical experts, in subjects such as Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Lifting, Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, Skin Tumors, Flaps and Grafts, Eyelid Surgery, Chin Surgery.

Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu’s correctional nasal surgeries are highly above the standarts. In correctional nasal surgeries, it can be necessary to take off the rib or the ear cartilage and these operations usually take more time, experience and scheduling than the primary surgery. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu is the member and board member of the Facial Plastic Surgery Association. ‘’Natural look’’ is the primary concept for Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu and he plans his work in surgeries through this concept, the face and the general appearance of the patient. ‘’If there are 7 billion people on Earth, there should be 7 billion different noses.’’ is his motto.

The health of his patient is the most important thing for Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu. He is bonded to his Hippocratic oath that demends doctors to protect the health of the people before anything else.

Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu is involved with the process, before and after the surgery. He supports his patients and follows the healing process and after closely.
Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu motivates and supports his new patients to talk to his patients who have been through the surgery and to get information about the process. Briefly, Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu is a scientifical, an ethical expert and he is an expert who sees his job as art and practices his specialty with his motto ‘’People first!’’

In medical and surgical field, theorical knowledge and experience is highly important. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu is the only specialist who achieved to get the degree in ‘’European Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery Board Test ‘’ in Turkey.

He is one of the three experts in Turkey who achieved to get the Degree of International Facial Plastic Surgery Specialty through the test that takes place in United States of America.


Nasal aesthetics is the reshaping of the noses in the most appropriate way possible, taking into account the expectations and wishes of the person after detailed examination of the nose anatomy.

There are many nasal structures. Large nose, small nose, upturned nose, curved nose, hooked nose, etc. Those who do not like the shape of the nose and thus have social or psychological distress have nasal aesthetics.

Physician preference before nasal aesthetics and preoperative period

Burun Estetiği Ameliyatı Nasıl Yapılır

Before you meet with your doctor, try to understand the characteristics of your nose that do not please you and which you want to change. Ask your doctor to show you patients with characteristics similar to these problems. Ask your physician’s views on these issues. You should not forget that medical sciences are open science branches to interpretation. Different physicians may have different thoughts on the same topic. Therefore, you can reach the happy end closer to your own thinking, the physician who understands you best.

Also remember that sometimes the situations you request may not be realistic or interchangeable. The views of my physician in this regard are also very important.

Believe that your right physician may be the physician who does not operate you, but perhaps rejects your surgery for justifiable reasons and removes you from your nose surgery.

  • I see all my patients twice before surgery.
  • I listen to them on the first call, take pictures and give detailed information about the operation.
  • I give the forms with very detailed information for the readings of the patients before the second interview or I e-mail them.
  • On the second look, I talk about photographs and comments about their noses, changes and risks that may and may not be present, if there are specific problems that may be experienced.
  • I would also like the attendant to attend the second meeting, and I show and explain the maintenance proposals in detail.
  • I think this information is very important before surgery. I believe that the fear-worries before the surgery can only be overcome with real and detailed information. People are afraid of things they do not know. Therefore, I think that being in control of all the processes is one of the important factors in the comfort of their patients.

Face Lift

We can say that facelift is the surgery that creates the biggest change in all the cosmetic operations. Although for many years performed more frequently in recent years in Turkey it was perceived as only an operation claimed by celebrities. Today’s modern life and work life have been accelerated compared to 50 years ago, people have been living in a more social life than in the past, working time has increased, stress factors have increased, sun exposure has increased, organic nutrition has decreased, The average human life span was also prolonged.

Face Stretching (Tension) Surgery Process

Yüz Germe Nasıl Yapılır

I see that living in many patients who have undergone facelift surgery is usually a common feeling of increased desire to live longer, increased self-confidence. After all these changes in life, facelift surgery has been demanded and popularized by people who mostly come to retirement age but who have an incredible youthful feeling and therefore do not want to be seen younger, ie those who do not want to lose years.

Facelift surgery is the process of moving the soft tissues of the face, which are hanging down and forward against the effects of gravity, to the required position, that is, up and back.

In the first 3 days after facial stretching surgery, intense edema-swelling may occur in your face, then bruises on your face will begin to appear with decreasing swelling. Within 7-10 days the bruises will also disappear. A slight swelling that you will hide with makeup can last for 2-3 weeks. Hemorrhage after facial aesthetic surgery, inflammation at the wound sites, opening at wound sites, infection, decrease in sensation in the skin, complications related to injuries in the nerves.

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