Nasal aesthetics is the reshaping of the noses in the most appropriate way possible, taking into account the expectations and wishes of the person after detailed examination of the nose anatomy.
There are many nasal structures. Large nose, small nose, upturned nose, curved nose, hooked nose, etc. Those who do not like the shape of the nose and thus have social or psychological distress have nasal aesthetics.
Burun Estetiği Ameliyatı Doktoru

Physician preference before nasal aesthetics and preoperative period

Before you meet with your doctor, try to understand the characteristics of your nose that do not please you and which you want to change. Ask your doctor to show you patients with characteristics similar to these problems. Ask your physician’s views on these issues. You should not forget that medical sciences are open science branches to interpretation. Different physicians may have different thoughts on the same topic. Therefore, you can reach the happy end closer to your own thinking, the physician who understands you best.

Also remember that sometimes the situations you request may not be realistic or interchangeable. The views of my physician in this regard are also very important.

Believe that your right physician may be the physician who does not operate you, but perhaps rejects your surgery for justifiable reasons and removes you from your nose surgery.

  • I see all my patients twice before surgery.
  • I listen to them on the first call, take pictures and give detailed information about the operation.
  • I give the forms with very detailed information for the readings of the patients before the second interview or I e-mail them.
  • On the second look, I talk about photographs and comments about their noses, changes and risks that may and may not be present, if there are specific problems that may be experienced.
  • I would also like the attendant to attend the second meeting, and I show and explain the maintenance proposals in detail.
  • I think this information is very important before surgery. I believe that the fear-worries before the surgery can only be overcome with real and detailed information. People are afraid of things they do not know. Therefore, I think that being in control of all the processes is one of the important factors in the comfort of their patients.

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is completed in approximately 2 hours. Nose aesthetics can be applied with 2 different techniques as open and closed. It is generally the preferred technique of open rhinoplasty.

Open vs Closed Rhinnoplasty

The main difference between the two techniques is the cutting of the skin under the nose. This section is called open nose surgery when the surgery is performed by a cut on columella. In closed technique, it would not be right to think that there is no nasal incision. The aim of both techniques is to make the anatomical structures visible in the nose and to shape the nose according to the previous planning.

After Rhinoplasty

Before the surgery, we send videos to each patient explaining in detail how to care and use their medication. Since your postoperative care will directly affect your healing process, we attach great importance to this issue. In order to minimize the edema that may occur immediately after surgery, we recommend cool application to our patients. With the gels they will keep in the crisper drawer, 10 minutes of cool applications per hour will relax the skin and prevent edema.

It is necessary for our patients to use the ocean water spray that we recommend in order to prevent clogging of the breathing channels. The nose should always be clean after surgery. If there are shells and blood clots in the nasal entrances, they should be cleaned and antibiotic cream should be applied to the sutures.

Is it painful after surgery?

Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain during the operation. Instead of pre-nose pads used in postoperatively, a new generation of silicon currently applied to ensure comfortable breathing that does not cause pain.

After rhinoplasty  do bruising and swelling occur?

At the end of the first week, the plaster splint is removed. The swelling in the custody bags on the nose and cheeks still remains. These swellings only disappear within 15 days. The bruises are already gone.

Should I use medication after surgery?

You can also use the appropriate medication under the control of your doctor.

Will I have scars after surgery?

In the open technique, a small incision is made at the junction of the nose and the lip and a slight scar may remain after the surgery. In closed technique, no scar remains because this section is made.

How long should I stay in hospital?

It is an easy operation and you can leave the hospital one day after the operation.

When can I wear glasses?

If there is no operation related to the bones, you can use your sunglasses as of the 2nd week. At the end of 3 months you can use the glasses If you want.

How long does the surgery take?

It takes about 1.5-2 hours. However, in some cases the operation time may be longer as it requires cartilage removal from the ear or rib.

How long is the recovery process?

The postoperative recovery process may vary depending on the technique used in the surgery, the type of intervention performed technically, and the personal characteristics of the patient. The average recovery time after nasal aesthetics varies between 7 and 10 days. Many patients can easily return to work or school in as little as a week.

When can I swim after surgery?

You can swim and sunbathe 2 weeks after the plastic protector on your nose comes out.

When should I start working?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. If you are in your general health, do sports, do not smoke, if you are 20-40 years old, you can start working within 4-5 days after surgery if you apply your care suggestions given by your doctor.

Male Rhinoplasty

Nose aesthetics are frequently demanded by men as well today. Both problems related to breathing function and treatments for nasal imaging can be performed simultaneously.

Because male patients have much thicker skin than women, their recovery time will be  longer than 1 week,  a good resting period is sufficient for a male patient with a busy work life. The patient can return to social life and work life on the 8th day after the first dressing that will take place on the 7th day.

Surgery for male patients is a delicate scales. After surgery, the patient should have a nose that is invisible feminine, natural and in harmony with her face. The new shape of the nose can be shaped according to the patient’s expectations. Communication is the backbone of success in preoperative interviews.

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