Face lift is the surgery that creates the biggest change among all aesthetic surgeries. Although it has been performed for many years frequently in Turkey it was perceived as an operation preffered by celebrities. Today’s modern life and work life has changed a lot compared to 50 years ago, people have lived in a more social life than in the past. Now, increased working time, stress factors, sun exposure, decreased organic nutrition as a result of all these and extended life people become look older easly.

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Face Lift Surgery

I see that in many patients with whom I do face lift surgery, the increased desire to live longer and to have high self-confidence are often common feelings. After changes in life, people who have reached retirement age but who would like to have an incredible desire to feel young, they would like to undergo facelift surgery. That is how face lift operation has become popular.

‘’Face lift surgery is the process of moving the soft tissues of the face hanging down and forward in the opposite direction to the effects of gravity to the required position, up and back’’.

Intense edema-swelling may occur on the face for the first 3 days after the face lift operation, and then bruises will begin to form on your face with decreasing swelling. The bruises will disappear in 7-10 days. A slight swelling that you can conceal with make-up can last 2-3 weeks. Bleeding, inflammation of the wound, opening of the wound, infection, decreased sensation in the skin, and nerve damage are the complications of the surgery.

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How  Does Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Face lift surgery is performed in the hospital environment and under general anesthesia. In face lift operations, facial tissue is strengthened, sagging tissues are removed and excess skin is removed. The face lift is very detailed surgery. Cheeks, eye area, eyebrows, nose, forehead, neck and chin are considered as a whole. Depending on the regions to be performed, surgical operation takes about 4-5 hours.

Several different methods can be performed for face lift surgery. The choice of the surgical method is decided by reviewing the patient’s health status, age, sex, the degree of aging of the patient’s face, the condition of the skin, and the characteristics of the facial anatomical structure. The extent of surgery is also determined according to age and sagginess of patient.

As in all aesthetic surgeries, unique surgery should be planned for each patient for face lift operation as well. In face lift surgeries, excisions extending from the front of your ear to the back of the ear are made and skin and subcutaneous tissues are stretched according to the aging degree.

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