Eyelid aesthetic; It is the process of stretching the eye area supporting the tissues by removing the excess muscle and skin tissue in the upper and lower eyelids.

Eyelid plastic surgery is called ‘Blepharoplasty ünde in the medical literature. Eyelids are of special importance because they are the thinnest structure of the body, they protect very sensitive structures, they are constantly moving and they are easily affected by environmental factors.

The signs of aging are first seen in the 30s with wrinkles around the eyes and the formation of eye bags. Over the time, the tension of the eyelids is reduced, sagging and bagging occur due to the pressure exerted by the fat tissues on the deep parts.

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When Eyelid Surgery Is Performed?

Eyelid surgery is performed not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of congenital or later eyelid sagging-lowness or skin tumors on the eyelid. In addition to cosmetic gains, aesthetic eyelid surgeries can also be planned for functional reasons as they increase the visual field, enable the eyes to open more easily and facilitate many important daily activities such as reading books.

The position of the muscles of the eyelid surgery should be evaluated very well. Eyelid surgery should be considered if there is a decrease in eyebrows besides signs of aging. Eyebrow reduction without removing eyelid aesthetic surgery, after the fall of the eyebrow more, may prevent a good aesthetic result.

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Before Eyelid Surgery

Although eyelid cosmetic surgery is a simple procedure compared to other cosmetic surgeries, as before all operations, your general health condition, wound healing properties and eye health researches should be performed meticulously. In the event of any eye complaints (such as eye pressure, dry eye, use of lenses and glasses), an ophthalmologist’s consultation is required. Before the surgery, you should always tell your doctor about all the medications you have used, especially blood thinners.

How Is Healing Process After Operation?

Aesthetic eyelid surgery may cause some edema (swelling) and redness around your eyes. On the 2nd and 3rd days, these swelling decreases and can be replaced by bruises. In the first week, when your stitches and the band around your eyes are removed, the bruises usually disappear and your eyes become almost normal. After the surgery, eye drops, antibiotics, painkillers, edema, such as reducing the drops you will be prescribed by your doctor. It may cause dry eye during the first week following aesthetic eyelid surgery; reading books, using computers, watching television is recommended. At the end of the first week, you usually feel good enough to do your normal activities, but you should avoid heavy exercise and activities for 4 weeks.

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