Ear aesthetics; Inadequate curvature of the ear appearance is required Otoplasty. Our ears may seem very big. However, it’s normal. 80-90% of the ear development was completed at the age of 6 years. Prominent Ear deformity is a serious psychologic and cosmetic problem. Prominent ears that restrict the freedom of women to do their hair as they want to do. Besides, while men sometimes tend to use long hair to hide their ears.

Kulak Estetiği Doktoru

How Does Prominent Ear Occur?

The ear has a very special curved structure. Two different factors lead to the deformation of ears. The first one is that the folds of the ear have inadequate angulation, and the second is that the ear cartilages are larger than normal. Surgical techniques for two different conditions are also different. There may be different problems in the patient’s ear that cause scoops. In cases where the problem is caused by simple reasons, the ear can be brought to the desired shape with an operation that lasts approximately 20 minutes without incision.

In cases where the problem is greater, it may be necessary to reshape it by making an incision in the ear and in this case the operation time can be 40-50 minutes. The incisions are usually made behind the ear and thus healing process will be without a scar.

Kulak Estetiği Ameliyatı Nasıl Yapılır

Pediatric Prominent Ears

Prominent ear surgery for children is a condition that should not be postponed. Delaying the surgery reduces the success of the operation and increases the risks.

Many children with scoop-ear problems may become mocked by their friends from the first day of schooling and become psychologically traumatized. While this situation reduces the success of children in the lessons, their social communication is also severely damaged. As a result of scientific studies; Because of social pressures in the environment, children are becoming individuals who leave the school and do not want to be friends with anyone.

Why Should Ear Surgery Be Performed At An Early Age For Children?

It is known that the tolerance and adaptation of people to aesthetic surgeries is higher in younger ages. An adult who has had a scoop-ear problem for 35 years and has experienced the same appearance every time he looks in the mirror will have difficulty adapting to the change that occurs after the scoop-ear surgery. However, the adaptation of the child to the outcome of aesthetic surgeries and visual changes in childhood will be much easier. We see this in all of human evolution and life.

When Can I Return to Daily Life After Ear Surgery?

There are serious differences between adults and children after the ear surgery. The bandage, which should be used up to 2-3 days after surgery, can become a problem in social and business life. In this case, they may need permission from the workplace. However, it is easier for children to use a tape, elastic bandage or head wrap. Recovery period after scoop ear surgery is much more comfortable.

What Is The Ideal Age For Ear Surgery?

At early ages, ear cartilages are much softer to reshape when compared to adulthood. This reduces both the operation time and the amount of the procedure to be performed and thus accelerates the recovery time. The ideal age for surgery is 5-6 years for patients without congenital ears. There is no age limit for adults, they can have surgery at any age.

Ear Aesthetics With Rope

More than 200 surgical techniques have been described throughout the history of scoop ear surgery. One of them is the technique made with rope and performed without cutting. Surgical threads are placed in the ear with the rope made without cutting or bleeding, to shape the ear through small holes drilled behind the ear. This process lasts approximately 15 minutes after that swelling or bruise does not occur. The recovery period of the patient after these surgeries is shorter than the recovery period of the patient who has operated with the classical method. After the ear surgery, the ear is kept closed in the first 3 days, wrapped in a soft bed of cotton. The ear is then completely opened and it is recommended to sleep with an elastic bandage that will be wrapped around the head only when sleeping at night for a week.

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