Chin aesthetics are performed to provide a younger appearance, a proportional look for the face and correct of innate problems in the jaw structure. The jaw, like the nose, is one of the important structures in the midline of the face that forms the symmetry and harmony of the face. Since it is in the middle line, it has an important role in making the structures of the face appear compatible with each other. If you have a small chin, your face might look bigger or vice versa.

A curved jaw can cause the entire face to look curved. An ideal size-ratio for chin has been described in men and women differently. The presence of a slightly more prominent chin in men contributes to their masculine appearance as desired so it is popular maong men.

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What is the Importance of Chin Aesthetics?

In the past, jaw surgeries were performed only on patients with prominent chin problems in the upper or lower jaw which made them suffer from biting and chewing.

Nowadays, because of the better understanding of facial harmony (the importance of the harmony of facial features with each other) and the task of the chin, aesthetic chin surgeries can be performed for patients who do not have bite and chewing problems as well.

How Is Chin Aesthetics Performed?

Chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Chin aesthetic surgeries last between 1.5 up to 3 hours depending on the operation or depending on the double or chin chin to place.

The chin implant, which is appropriate for the needs of the patient is inserted under the jaw or through a small incision in the mouth and placed on the jawbone at the appropriate place and plan.

How Do I Notice The Problem In My Chin?

If your upper teeth or gums are very visible when you laugh, your upper jaw is too long, if your upper and lower teeth do not close at the same level when you close your mouth, there may be jaw defects if there is distance between them. If the frontal point of your lower jaw is viewed from the side, it may be a problem in your lower jaw if it is far behind or ahead of your lips.

This is often a matter of professional experience, which is not easily noticed by patients or their relatives. Many of my patients who had plastic surgery did not realize that they had such problems until our pre-operative interview. The photographs taken during our preoperative interview and the analyzes we have performed on these issue help us a lot.

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